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It's not fair, now I can never trust that damned VCR ever again.

When school starts I'm still gonna stay up to see it, every night it's on, I don't give a damn that I'm starting high school. I despise technology with a burning passion, I really do. I bought the second game since the next two episodes were on there.

My sister spazed cause she loves wrath, but he didn't say anything. voicing wise I think both are okay, I don't prefer one over the other.

that means most of the people in the Guild havent seen the whole series....

meaning people who have have to white out everything past episode 26..... its really sad that most of the people in this Guild have only seen FMA on Adult Swim.....

meaning people who have have to white out everything past episode 26..... I thought we finally had that f***ing VCR working, cause it taped yesterday's so I thought it'd work today.I like the dubbed version okay, but I don't really see that it's any better or worse than the Japanese version. They have a special place next to the box my watch came in and the manga. I thought I could FINALLY sleep, and it didn't friggin work!!I couldn't fall asleep tonight, so I got up and saw the last 5 minutes of it, and then I tried to rewind the tape and it didn't work.I was so mad, it's now 2am, and I've been crying for 10 minutes.Goddamnit, I really, REALLY wanted to see that whole eppy, Inuyasha, too.I can't stop crying, I think I need some help, I'm crying cause I missed a cartoon show.

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