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People a not very poor but you can't save enough in order to move.

That is the unfortunate reality in most of the ex-USSR countries. Maybe there is some value in them that attracts you? Hello there, I am Andrew and I am the founder of, I spend a half of my life fighting againt online scam.

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This is a typical scam where they fall in love in only several days, want to have your baby. She just said she likes you and can think of you as the father of her future kids. Because of the guys like you girls like me have a hard time finding someone decent! quit expecting men to navigate through all the scammers to find you.

Did she ask you for money for some urgent "surgery" or something else? ============= Lucia - real Russian girl still looking for love If you russian women want a husband and it's so bad in russia then move!

Compare it with some other sites that charge $8 per email such as Anastasiaweb or Global Ladies or some others - there are probably hundreds that work in this scheme, pay-per-email.

There you have to pay every time you read or send a mail, which is ridiculous and quickly escalates into hundreds of $$$, and you never know who writes the letters, the girl or some agency that gets commissions for emails you send and receive.

And they don't even allow you to give the girls your direct email address!!!

They want you to keep paying them money for each and every email you receive.

If you call the girl, you have to pay per minute to call her through their translator (and who knows what they translate........) Elena's give you direct email addresses of the girls and their phone numbers, even mobiles.

And there are no scammers at Elenas Models to filter through because they check all submitted profiles.

You can check what their real members say here: xxxx:// if you have a problem with a girl, you can ring their office and talk to the people and they will check immediately.

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