Is tracy ryerson still dating stamie

Let’s take a look at how lesbians and queer women get treated on TV (and I mean just TV, because if I also focused on other forms of media we’d be here ALL DAY).

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(Technically, the Lexa/the lesbian initiated the “surprise” kiss, absolving Clarke of responsibility so that people could easily say she wasn’t super into it, but let’s not get into that.) But… what about all the straight boys that want to fantasize about dating Clarke? Lexa betrays Clarke, therefore ending that romance before it even gets to develop into something real.

We wouldn’t want a lesbian relationship that could possibly be off-putting to their heterosexual viewers!

If you want to read my thoughts on The 100 (and my prediction for ‘Clexa’ development in Season 3,, Leslie Shay, gets hit by some beam or some shit, and dies in a burning building. D), and Sarah Lance (Arrow.) The point is, most of the time, it feels like the writers for mainstream TV shows include a secondary LGBT character just to say that they did, for brownie points.

In an interview with TVLife, Executive Producer Matt Olmstead ends up saying that all the writers sat in a room deciding which character should be killed to cause a ‘big impact.’ They wanted to choose a character that would affect ‘the most people’. If they include a main character as LGBT, that character gets killed off, or their relationship ruined.

So naturally, they chose the lesbian character, because impact, so they killed off a character they considered less important the the other (straight) central characters. I’m not here to rant and rave and list about a dozen other examples of lesbian/bisexual/queer female characters who are poorly handled/treated by show’s writers, because there’s literally an entire list on After of 35 examples Basically, lesbian characters are very clearly living in a straight person’s TV show, and they end up getting pushed out, murdered, or killed, while their straight buddies live on to see another season.tello is a subscription web-series site dedicated to producing quality lesbian series.

These are just three examples, but other recent examples include Isabelle Hartley (Agents of S. Every series on our site is made by, for, and about lesbians and lesbian-friendly allies.

Every show on tello has lesbian lead characters, a lesbian storyline, and have at least one lesbian producer.

And I know that it’s hard and I know that it’s emotional and I know there are going to be a lot of people out there going ‘WHY?!?

’ But trust me, this was a necessary move to make.” Alycia Debnam-Carey).

Technically her character isn’t the one that gets shafted, but because she does the shafting, the lesbian romance comes to an abrupt halt.

The CW can get to say that they’re “progressive”, because their main character, Clarke, is bisexual and kissed a girl (Lexa) . The CW doesn’t alienate their main, straight audience, because surprise!

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