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Searching for Burma and Myanmar together with the listed words does not guarantee that the results are in English.

--Stefan2 (talk) , 22 August 2012 (UTC) I think Google Insights for Search is often more useful.

It shows what term people are searching, and the naturalness criterium in WP: CRITERIA asks that we consider what readers are more likely to search: There is a problem inherent in your assessment.

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Myanmar sex talking

No clear winner but both are extremely rife in English.

I cannot conduct a case by case study but there is every chance some of the references to Burma may be referring to pre-name change periods.

Numbers for everything are high but I just thought I'd point this out.

Note, I cannot use "Burmese" and I don't think there is a true adjective for Myanmar because its proponents continue to use Burmese for the demonym in much the way United Kingdom still invites the term British.

I've had better luck with Google Books where the numbers are smaller and more manageable but I still find through paging through the results that Google greatly exaggerates its returns.

Marcus Qwertyus (talk) , 22 August 2012 (UTC) Definitely, I don't disupte that.

I wasn't producing the figures for the purpose of pushing my favoured Myanmar over Burma, quite the opposite, I was merely reflecting that BOTH are extremely widespread in English usage and that there is no outright leader.

When we are talking tens of thousands of results for every entry, there are bound to be multiples and negligible instances (by multiple I mean where "in Burma" could have been used 12 times in the same source) but there is evidently no "common name" decider.

India is a country with the largest number of English speakers.

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