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It provides a wealth of free advice from its resident experts in the fields of tuning, styling, electronics, graphics & audio.

It offers an arena that will allow social events to be established where members can meet personally as well as online.

The only corporate banners that will be seen on the forum are those of the companies willing to invest in supporting the community itself and that equally share a passion for MINI that the membership shares.

total MINI is run as a 'not for profit' organisation with all revenue, generated through sponsorship or member donations, being reinvested into the site and community itself.

Of course, we appreciate not all of you are in the same financial position but we do run at a loss, so if you can afford it please consider UK HIPPY is an interactive, UK based, counter-culture website and anti-establishment forum. Within this site you will find other alternative-minded people holding debates and sharing ideas on just about every topic imaginable - from sex and politics, to life and laughter.

At UK HIPPY, we invite discussion on almost every subject under the sun. You don't need to call yourself a 'hippy' or be living an 'alternative' lifestyle to join our community. We're not concerned with who you are, where you're from or your past or present circumstances.

We simply want to reach out to anyone who is open to exploring 'alternative' values - be they political, environmental or spiritual.

If revenue exceeds expenditure then donations will be made to an annually nominated chosen charity.

For further information regarding total MINI or to enquire about becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

This website has been in arrears for a while now & will not survive at the current donation rate!

We have over 16000 members & if everyone donated we would never need to ask for money again. it's about surviving the system - which means that it's also about At the heart of UK HIPPY is our discussion forum - powered by cutting edge software and offering a host of advanced and easy to use features.

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